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A great time to enquire about adoption

It is currently a fantastic time to enquire about adoption because the number of children in need of a loving home is on the rise. In an update from the national adoption register (Adoption Match) on the 25th July 2017; there were 943 children in need of adoption and only 793 families who have registered their interest in adoption, which is down from 1580 in July 2016. This means there is currently a growing shortfall between the amount of children in need of a forever home and the number of families actively showing an interest in providing one for them. In the last quarter alone, the number of children in the North East rose by 18% which means the opportunity to match with a child from the local area alone is rising quite dramatically!

Some families don’t consider adopting multiple children because they feel they couldn't give enough time and care to more than one child at a time. While this is understandable, you may want to think again about whether you could get enough support and help to do this as the report shows that only 39% of the 943 children registered nationally, are in need of placement on their own but 76% of families on the register are seeking to adopt a single child rather than a sibling group. This creates an imbalance for children in need of adoption in a sibling group. Of the 50 children registered from the North East, 66% are in a sibling group. Sadly this means they are less likely to find a placement because it is usual practice to try and ensure that sibling groups should be kept together to avoid any added loss for the child. This is why now is a crucial time in adoption for those considering becoming an adoptive parent to think more deeply about taking responsibility for a sibling group and the rewarding experience that comes with this choice. There are many positives of this sort of adoption, for example, you achieve a complete family in one application without going through the process again and with one adoption leave period from your employment if you are working. As your children are related to each other, they will have their shared birth family history and probably experiences in common and are likely to need the same contact arrangements - this is much more straightforward for you than say, adopting two unrelated children. Lastly your children will be able to give each other support with this through their lives.

Making a decision like this is always a huge step and takes a lot of careful consideration and discussion with those closest to you. However, it can be helpful to read some adoption success stories to give you a positive outlook about adopting siblings and give you the perspective of an adoptive parent who has experienced the journey that you’ve considered embarking on. DFW Adoption would like to help you make the right decision for you and will discuss this carefully in the phone calls and visits you will have if you take your interest forward. If you want to think about this now do take some time to read some of the following links to give you an insight into the lives of others who have adopted siblings and single children:

It is a common misconception that you can only adopt children who are from your local area. However, enquiring about adoption through DFW Adoption means that you can consider a child or sibling group from anywhere in the UK. We are thrilled to have received such a heart-warming level of supportive comments about this agency from parents who we have helped to match with children all over the UK. One adopter who used our services kindly shared their experience with Ofsted recently, (and clearly the comments contributed to us being rewarded an ‘Outstanding’ judgement- the fourth inspection in a row we have received this judgement!), commenting that; “I’m pleased I chose DFW” and “I thank my lucky stars that I chose them, they are only a phone call away”.

In the Ofsted report, the inspector wrote a message that sums up the fantastic relationships we build with our adopters.

“Enquirers feel welcomed and respected when they contact the agency. They receive a prompt response, and they are given time to talk. The quality of written and verbal information is excellent. This enables enquirers to make an informed decision about whether or not they wish to proceed. The agency is very open to consider applicants who, at first glance, may present with more complex issues, as it understands that complexity also builds resilience, which is a vital quality in adoptive parenting. Adopters feel well prepared for the challenges that adoptive parenting can bring. The four day preparation training is excellent.

It provides detailed information, it embraces different learning styles, and it encourages reflection and interaction.”

The full Ofsted Inspection report can be read here.

We would love for you to get in touch, or share this post with anyone you know who is considering adoption but isn't sure about where to start. We’d love to help!

Ring now on 0191 386 3719 and ask to speak to the duty officer. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form on the website. Click the link here to make an enquiry.

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